TXY strives to become a leading yeast and derivative enterprise in China and even Asia

Ten years of trials and tribulations, ten years of joint efforts, this is zhuhai tianxiang yuan people unremitting pursuit, create brilliant, exciting, proud years.

Ten years of trials and tribulations, ten years of joint efforts, this is zhuhai TXY people unremitting pursuit, create brilliant, exciting, proud years. In the grand course of development across the century, it embodies the burning passion, hard work and innovative wisdom of the traders. With the development of the south China war, zhuhai TXY biology has developed into the largest starch deep processing r&d and production base in Asia, and has been ranked among the national key high-tech enterprises. Guangdong province famous trademark ” . Along the way, the zhuhai day sweet garden creatures with high sense of responsibility to customers, employees and society, omni-directional to carry on the unremitting exploration and innovation, out of a people-oriented, achievement of excellence development path, composed the magnificent poem, unyielding and unity completed from a single yeast extract products to food seasoning, human nutrition, health, animal nutrition, microbial nutrition, baking and transformation and upgrading of fermentation pasta in areas such as diversity, and has realized to the high-end positioning, innovation drive, talent strategy, brand operation, has the magnificent transformation of the core competitiveness of enterprise group.

Enterprise is the essence of life, the one who gives the enterprise life temperament, connotation, characteristic, prior personhood, not only has the remarkable person can as a special industry, we uphold the idea originally passed into each other, pushing yourself, it is to be good to such an important position, group, with the development of deep foundation, aggressive driving force, so as to show the vitality, the extraordinary career.

The enterprise's future hope lies in the human, the future competition is the talent competition, realizes our magnificent blueprint, needs the people of zhuhai TXY to burn the passion, contribute the intelligence, the innovation development, here is not only attracts the talent the highland, is also creates the talent melting pot, is not only displays own stage, is the achievement value base.

Zhuhai TXY biological always adheres to the principle of "honesty is the foundation of one's being", the volitional quality of hard work, the working standard of perfection and the team spirit of sincere cooperation. We are committed to providing customers with services beyond their expectations, building platforms for employees to achieve their goals, and bearing social responsibilities within our capacity. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services, promoting better and faster economic and social development, respecting and safeguarding employees' rights and interests, building harmonious labor relations, supporting charities and public welfare undertakings, and giving back to the society. Zhuhai day sweet garden people recognize their own mission and responsibility, in order to succeed in me, and the spirit of the world, adhere to the pragmatic and enterprising, solidarity and innovation of traditional, carries forward the indomitable, the spirit of perseverance, stick to belief and rushed to unite as one, to the future, we firmly believe that make billions enterprise group, achievement one hundred prosperous foundation group will achieve it!