TXY believes that corporate development, the community and the environment forms an indivisible whole, and hence TXY strives to promote green production, engage in community works and improve employee benefits in order to fulfill its social responsibility and sustainable growth.

Quality First

TXY believes that product quality is the cornerstone for a company’s credibility. TXY has adopted the ISO international management system over the years to ensure product safety and quality. TXY’s production bases in mainland China are certified under the ISO9001 quality management system, the ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO22000 food safety management system. TXY not only introduces a range of automated equipment to strengthen quality controls, but also monitors hygiene conditions at all of its factories under the 6S management standards (SEIRI/Sort, SEITON/Systemize, SEISO/Sweep, SEIKETSU/Sanitize, SHITSUKE/Self-accomplishment and Safety). TXY factories have been certified with ISO9001 Quality Management System. In addition, TXY has set up a mechanism to handle customer complaints. It consists of collection and analysis of complaints and recommendations on remedies.


Environmental protection


In the production link of TXY, the company strictly controls the access to emission intensity, encourages energy conservation and consumption reduction, implements clean production and conducts mandatory auditing according to law. In the process of waste generation, we implement whole-process control, extend producer responsibility, reasonably extend industrial chain, and strengthen the recycling of all kinds of waste. In the process of pollutant treatment, the company constantly increases investment to strengthen the technology research and development and project improvement of environmental protection treatment. Continuous technological progress, improvement of pollutant emission standards, reduction of emissions and improvement of efficiency have created the core competitiveness of enterprises and set a benchmark image for the industry.


social responsibility


For years, TXY values highly the relationship with the community and is unwavering committed to the social responsibilities. TXY focuses on community efforts on disadvantaged students, elderly, and sick through the TXY volunteer team.

Care for Employees



TXY takes great pride in its people-oriented culture. We are not only offering a job, but also a promising career path. TXY also believes that a harmonious and caring working environment could thrive on sense of belonging, working satisfaction, teamwork and hence performance. TXY developed a unique culture where employees are like family.

TXY adheres to the principle of an equitable, fair and open recruitment and career advancement opportunities. TXY staff is also provided with ongoing, professional and comprehensive training. To attract and retain talent,TXY continues enhance the remuneration and benefits.