Group Introduction

Zhuhai TXY Biotech Holding Co.,Ltd.(Stock code: 831060)is founded in 2010, a modern high-tech enterprise, which is focus on developing new technology of Yeast derivatives , provide high-quality and healthy food ingredients for humans and animals.Products are widely used in food ingredients , health food, cosmetics, animal feed additives, Culture medium and other.


Zhuhai WanFuKang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhuhai TXY Biotech Holding Co.,Ltd.,which own the research center of yeast derivative products for antibiotic growth promoter substitute of Guangdong Province ( Government nominated).Company develops, produces and sales the functional feed and feed additive with attractant, nutritional and antibiotics free . We have bulid a R&D group which focus on the whole solution of livestock and aquaculture farming problem.

Zhanjiang Wuzhou Biology Engineering.Co.,Ltd on September 29, 2015,Which is a company with advanced bio-technology, advanced manufacturing equipment and garden factory of high-tech enterprises.The company has annual production capacity of 8000 tons( yeast).